Main Heroine Hoon

  • Song: Main Heroine Hoon
  • From movie: Heroine
  • Language:  English
  • Year: 2012
  • Uploader: Rahil Bhavsar Administrator
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- English Translation -

Music Director: Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant
Lyrics: Niranjan Iyengar
Label: Sony Music
Singer: Aditi Singh Sharma


Poster ke jungle main

In the jungle of posters
Glamour ke daldal mein
In the quick-sand of glamour
Roshni ki hulchul mein
In the rustle of the light
Gossip mein, scandal mein
In gossips, in scandals
Har dil mein basti hoon
I reside in every heart

Main heroine hoon (x4)
I am a heroine (lead female actress)
Yeah... yeah...

Jeena marne ye aaina
It's life or death, this mirror
Khud ko bhi toh na pehchana
Not recognising own self
Naqaab banke mera dasna
Becoming a mask (false face) and then biting
Main khiladi hoon ya khilona...
Am I a player or a toy?
Kabhi teekhi kabhi namkeen hoon
Sometimes I am spicy, sometimes I am salty

Main heroine hoon (x4)
I am a heroine

Link-up mein break-up mein
In link-up's and in break-up's
Girget se make up mein
In my chameleon-like (changing colours on required ocassions) make up
Bistar ke silwat mein
In the wrinkles of the bed-sheet
Kahani ki karwat mein
In the turning-point of the story
Tanha main rehti hoon...
I remain (live) alone

Main heroine hoon (x4)
I am a heroine
Yeah... yeah...

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