Question Mark

  • Song: Question Mark
  • From movie: Super 30
  • Language:  English
  • Year: 2019
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- English Translation -

Music: Ajay Atul
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Label: Zee Music Company
Singer: Hrithik Roshan


Bheja Nichode Jo Saare Sawaal
When Your head is lost in questions
(When Your head is spinning with questions)
Ek Ek Karke Dhoondh Ke Nikaal
Pick them out one by one
Kaahe Na Suljhenge Inki Majaal
We will make sure that we solve these damn questions
Noch Ke Dikha Dein Baal Ke Bhi Khaal
We will fully investigate till we find the solution

Sawaalon Ke Bina Hi Zindagi Hai Dark
There is darkness in life without questions
Bulb Ki Tarah Jalaa De Question Mark…Question Mark…Question Mark
Ignite a question mark like a bulb in Your head

Kyun Ek Baar Mein Hi Padh Ke Maan Lein Hum
Why should we agree to what we read just once
Kitaabon Mein Likha Hai Jo
Whatever that is written in books
Majaa Toh Tab Hai Jab Oo Karke Hum Dikha Dein
Real fun is when we do something
Na Pehle Ho Sakaa Hai Jo
That hasn’t been done before
Sikhaane Waalon Ko Sikha Denge, Sikhaenge
We will teach the ones who teach us
Padhenge Aisi Ki Padhaa Denge, Padhayenge
We will learn in such a grand way
Nahi Ke Shabd Ko Badal Ke Hum
We will change the word ‘No’(Impossible)
Nahi Se Kyun Nahi Bana Denge
And we will change it from ‘No’ to ‘Why Not’
(We will change it from Impossible to Possible)

Arre Buddhi Ki Circuit Mein Paida Kar Oo Spark
Ignite a spark in the circuit of Your brain
Bann Ja Pyare Chalta Phirta Question Mark…Question Mark…Question Mark
Become a walking and talking question mark
(Question everything that You see before believing)

Jab Antar Mann Kare Jeet Kaar
When Your heart is in pursuit of victory
Utsukta Ho Sar Pe Sawaar
When restlessness is over Your head
Question Se Tu Mat Maan Haar
Don’t feel defeated by questions
Chal Bhid Ja Barkhuddar
Just combat it, mister
Bhale Buddhi Ki Mutthi Ho Tight
Even if Your intellect feels defeated
Ho Wrong Right Mein Chhidi Fight
Even if there is a fight between wrong and right
Har Prashn Ke Uttar Par Hai Tera Adhikaar, Adhikaar
You have the right to know the answer of every question

Darwaajon Ke Pichhe, Aur Bistar Ke Niche
Behind closed doors, underneath the bed
Luk-Chhip Ke Rehta Hai, Ek Question Mark
There lies hidden, a question mark
Dharti Se Ugta Hai, Ambar Mein Dikhta Hai
It rises from the Earth, it is seen in the Skies
Paani Mein Behta Hai, Yeh Question Mark
It flows in water, a question mark

Mehnat Karenge, Maatha Phodenge
We will work hard, bash our heads
Iski Akad Ko Lekin Todenge
But we will break it’s obstinacy(stubbornness)  
Sone Deta Nahi Chidhaata Hai
It is not letting us sleep, it is teasing us
Isko Bhi Saste Mein Na Chhodenge
We shall also not let it pass/go away so easily

Arre Bachke Jaane Na Paaye Question Mark
Make sure this question mark doesn’t escape
Haan Bachke Jaane Na Paaye Question Mark (x2)
Make sure this question mark doesn’t escape


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