Jahaan Tu Chala

  • Song: Jahaan Tu Chala
  • From movie: Gully Boy
  • Language:  English
  • Year: 2019
  • Uploader: Rahil Bhavsar Administrator
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- English Translation -

Music: Jasleen Royal
Lyrics: Aditya Sharma
Label: Zee Music Company
Singer: Jasleen Royal


Kehta Kuch Aur Karta Hai Aur
You say something and You do something else
Leta Hai Kyun Tu Dil Pe Jor, Batla, Batla
Why do You take so much stress on Your heart? Tell me, tell me
Kori Si Raat Ko Bharde Aaj
Fill this empty night tonight
Tu Khol De Sab Raaz Raaz, Beh Ja, Beh Ja
Open all the secrets and flow away, flow away
Gupchup Sa Kyun Hai Tu Yeh Bata
Why are You sitting so silently, tell me
Kuch Toh Hansi Ko De Jagah, Bewajah, Bewajah
Give some chance(place/opportunity) for laughter/smile, even if it’s without reason, without reason

Khoye Khoye Beparwah Ho
Being lost and carefree
Baaton Baaton Mein Subah Ho
In talks, may morning arrive
Lamhon Ko Le Sajaa, Nahi Hai Tu Tanha
Decorate these moments, You are not alone

Chalun Main Wahaan, Jahaan Tu Chala (x2)
I will walk alongside/with You, wherever You go

Samjha Bujha Ke Dekhte Hain
We will try and persuade them
Din Dukh Pehle Sainkte Hain
(If they don’t get persuaded)We will burn these painful days away
Chal Bane Nayi Kahaniyaan
Let’s go and make some new stories
Be Irada Sadkon Pe Tarikhon Ko Dhakelte Hain
Without any intentions/plans, we will spend the dates(days/time) on the streets
Chal Wahan Jahaan Na Ho Gaya
Let’s go to those places where You have never gone before

Chalun Main Wahaan, Jahaan Tu Chala (x2)
I will walk alongside You, wherever You go
Chalun Main Wahaan, Kaisa Bhi Ho Samaa
I will walk alongside You, no matter what the weather is
Jahaan Tu Chala, Rahun Saath Sadaa
Wherever You go, I will always remain by Your side
Mmm Hmm Hmmm… Kaisa Bhi Ho Samaa
No matter what the weather is
Mmm Hmm Hmmm… Rahun Saath Sadaa
I will always remain by Your side

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