Coca Cola

  • Song: Coca Cola
  • From movie: Luka Chuppi
  • Language:  English
  • Year: 2019
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- English Translation -

Music: Tony Kakkar, Tanishk Bagchi
Lyrics: Tony Kakkar, Mellow D
Rap: Young Desi
Label: T-Series
Singer: Tony Kakkar Neha Kakkar


Sanwali Saloni, Adayein Mannmauni
O tanned complexioned beauty, Your style/grace is captivating
Teri Jaisi Beauty Kisi Ki Bhi Nahi Honi
No one is as beautiful as You are
Thande Ki Bottle, Main Tera Opener
You are a bottle of soft-drink, I am Your opener
Tujhe Gat Gat Main Pee Loon
I want to drink You non-stop

Coca Cola Tu… Shola Shola Tu… (x2)
You are (a bottle of)Coca-Cola, You are a fireball

Gym-Shym Karta Hoon, Ted Mera Lean Aa
I exercise in the gym, my body is lean
Ni Tu Boldi Ae Gallan Jivein Chaldi Machine Aa
You speak non-stop just like a machine
Ni Tu Chauvi Ghante Vekhdi Ain Scooby-Dooby-Doo
You watch the Scooby Doo show 24 hours(all day long)
Halle Rehn De Tu Na Boli I Love You!
Leave it(Forget about it), don’t say I love You(to me)
Pehle Khol Le Tu Botal Galiyon Peh Jaave Raula Yun
If You open the bottle, then the whole street goes berserk
Ki Saare Tujhe Bola Coca Cola Tu
Because everyone says, You are Coca-Cola
And And And Coca Coca Co Co Co…

Na Samajh Tu Coca Cola
Don’t think of me as Coca-Cola
Main Toh Whiskey Di Botal
I am a bottle of Whiskey
Mera Ek Sip Hi Hai Kaafi
Only one sip of mine is enough
Hone Ko Na Shot Ho Tal
To become totally intoxicated
Chakhna Mana Hai, Rukna Mana Hai
It is forbidden to taste, it is forbidden to stop
Mujhe Peele Zara Aa Tu
Come and just drink me

Coca Cola Tu… Shola Shola Tu… (x2)
You are Coca-Cola, You are a fireball

Mere Hothon Se Lagte Hi
As soon as You touch my lips
Dil Mein Dhak Dhak Hoti Hai
My heart starts beating faster
Baaki Saare Thande Thande
Everyone else is cold
Tu Hi Sabse Hottie Hai
You are the hottie(amongst all)
Kyun Sharmaaye, Baahon Mein Na Aaye
Why do You feel shy? Why don’t You come into my arms?
Mainu Lagdi Patola Tu
I find You extremely gorgeous

Coca Cola Tu… Shola Shola Tu…
You are Coca-Cola, You are a fireball

Tu Meri… Tu Meri... Haaye Dil Ki Pyaas Bujhaana
Please quench the thirst of my heart
Tu Meri... Tu Meri… Din Bhar Ki Thakan Mitaana
Please make the tiredness at the end of the day go away

Coca Cola Tu… Shola Shola Tu… (x2)
You are Coca-Cola, You are a fireball

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