Ek Hee Raasta

  • Song: Ek Hee Raasta
  • From movie: Gully Boy
  • Language:  English
  • Year: 2019
  • Uploader: Rahil Bhavsar Administrator
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- English Translation -

Music: Rishi Rich
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Label: Zee Music Company
Singer: Ranveer Singh


Ek Hi Rasta Jispe
There is only one road
Chup Chap Sar Ko Jhukaye Hue
On which silently, with a bowed head
Band Aankhein Kiye Log Chalte Hai Saare Janam
Keeping the eyes closed, people walk their whole lives

Jaante Bhi Nahi, Sochte Bhi Nahi
They don’t even know, they don’t even think
Puchte Bhi Nahi
They don’t even question
Unko Yeh Raasta Lekar Kahin Jayega
Will this road take them someplace?
Ya Kahin Bhi Nahi
Or will it take them nowhere

Chalte Chalte Kahin Ek Mode Aata Hai
While walking, a bend/turn on the road comes someplace
Seedhe Rashte Se Bilkul Alag
Which is completely different than the regular one
Koi Deewana Hi Hota Hai Jo Ki Udhar Jata Hai
Only a crazy person takes that bend/turn
Warna Baaki Toh Sab Seedhe Raste Pe Hi
All the others, on the same straight road
Apne Saare Janam Chalte Hai
Keep on walking their whole lives

Sir Jhukaye Hue, Band Aankhein Kiye
With a bowed head, keeping their eyes closed
Aur Yeh Dukh Liye
Having this pain(and a question in their hearts)
Mode Jo Dekha Thha, Uspe Mudd Jaate Hum
The bend that I saw, if I would have turned on it
Toh Na Jaane Kahaan Tak Pahunch Paate Hum
Then who knows where I would have reached now

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