Asli Hip Hop

  • Song: Asli Hip Hop
  • From movie: Gully Boy
  • Language:  English
  • Year: 2019
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- English Translation -

Music: Spitfire
Lyrics: Spitfire
Label: Zee Music Company
Singer: Ranveer Singh


Thanda Kuch Nahi Sab Garam Hi Garam Hai
Nothing is cold, everything here is hot
Angaar Hai, Angaar Hai
It’s fireballs, just fireballs
Two By Four, Do Se Chaar Hai
2 by 4, it’s from 2 to 4
O Ho…

Ab Karo D-Cypher Bhai!
Decipher this brother
(D-Cypher is also name of one of the singers/contributors of this song)
Old School, Old School Wala Flow
This is an old school kind of flow

Khada Hoon Kaise Main Yahaan Pe Ab Na Puchna
Don’t ask me how I am standing here(what has taken me to come here and stand)
Dard Shayri Mein Tujhko Chahiye Saboot Kya
There’s pain in my poetry, what more proof do You need?
Shikhar Yeh Soch Par Juda Hoon Main Zameen Se
My thoughts are at the summit, but I’m still connected to the Earth
Yaqeen Tumko Na Par Aage Aaya Main Yaqeen Se
You may not believe me but I have come forward(to this position) only by having belief
Laakh Nafratein Ho Saath Maa Ka Pyaar Hai
There are a million haters, but I have the love of my mother intact(with me)
Hansi Hai Uski Jeet Meri Kaise Jaaun Haar Main
My victory lies in her smile, how can I ever lose
Kaat Lo Zubaan Aasuon Se Gaaunga
If You cut my tongue, I will sing with my tears
Gaad Do, Beej Hoon Main Ped Ban Hi Jaunga
Sow me into the Earth(Finish me off), I am a seed, I will eventually grow and become a tree

Dil Thha Toota Tab Hip-Hop Mere Saath Thha
When my heart was broken, hip-hop was with me
Ujaale Milne Mein Mujhe Haan Raat Ka Hi Haath Thha
Night was the reasons I found radiance/light eventually
Kalakaar Main, Kal Ko Aakar Doon
I am a performer/artist, I give shape to art(I create art)
Yahi Hai Mera Dharm Meri Dusri Koi Jaat Na
This is my religion, I have no other identity
Maa Hai Rab Meri Gali Yeh Meri Mashooqa
My mother is my God, this street(where I come from) is my love
Ladka Aida Main, Jhukaane Par Bhi Na Jhuka
I am a crazy(strong-willed) fellow, I won’t budge even upon trying
Sun Rahe Jo Mujhko Beshumaar Pyaar Unse
The ones who are listening to me, I have great love for all of You
Banaata Geet Main Par Main Khud Bana Hoon Tumse
I just make songs, but You are the ones who make me(popular/loved)
Gaur Karlo Meri Baaton Pe Tum Dhyan Do
Pay attention to all that I say
Naino Ko Main Nam Karun Sukoon Main Deta Kaan Ko
I will cause Your eyes to become moist(with feelings/emotions), I will provide relief to Your ears

Chillaao Zor Se Uthao Apne Haath Tum
Shout out loudly, raise Your hands
Asli Hip-Hop Se Milayein Hindustan Ko
Let us introduce the real hip-hop to India
Hindustan Ko, Haan Ji Hindustan Ko
To India, yes to India
Asli Hip-Hop Se Milayein Hindustan Ko
Let us introduce the real hip-hop to India
Hindustan Ko, Haan Ji Hindustan Ko
To India, yes to India
Asli Hip-Hop Se Milayein Hindustan Ko, Kya?
Should we introduce the real hip-hop to India?

Bahut Hard! Bahut Hard!
Very hard!
Faad Daale, Kaat Daale
You’ve killed it!
Ek Number!
It’s number one!

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