Chhod Diya (Unplugged)

  • Song: Chhod Diya (Unplugged)
  • From movie: Baazaar
  • Language:  English
  • Year: 2018
  • Uploader: Rahil Bhavsar Administrator
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- English Translation -

Music: Kanika Kapoor
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed
Label: Times Music
Singer: Kanika Kapoor

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Jo Tere Bin Khali Thha
The one that was empty without you

Woh Toh Mera Hi Dil Thha
That was my heart

Main Thhi Musafir Raah Ki Teri
I was a traveller of Your road

Tujh Bin Mera Thha Daayra
My limit was to reach You
(You were my destination)
Main Bhi Kabhi Thi Mehbar Teri
I was Your companion once/earlier

Khanabadosh Mein Ab Thehri (x2)

Now I have become a nomad(stranger) to You
Chhuti Nahin Unn Phoolon Ko
I don’t touch those flowers

Jin Phoolon Mein Teri Khushboo Na Ho
In which Your fragrance isn’t present

Rooth Gayi Unn Khwabon Se
I am upset with those dreams/desires

Jin Khwabon Mein Tera Khwab Na Ho
In which Your presence/mention isn’t there
Main Sheher Mein Tere Thi Gairon Si
I was like a stranger in Your city
(I was like a stranger in the city of Your heart)

Mujhe Apna Koi Na Mila
I couldn’t find any close one

Mere Lamhon Se, Mere Zakhmon Se
From my moments(from the time I spent alone), from my wounds

Ab Toh Main Door Chali
Now I am going far away
Chhod Diya Woh Raasta
I have left that road

Jis Raaste Se Tum They Guzre
From where You used to pass

Tod Diya Woh Aaina
I have broken that mirror

Jis Aaine Mein Tera Aks Dikhe
In which I could see Your reflection

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