Andhadhun (Title Track)

  • Song: Andhadhun (Title Track)
  • From movie: Andhadhun
  • Language:  English
  • Year: 2018
  • Uploader: Rahil Bhavsar Administrator
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- English Translation -

Music: Raftaar & Girish Nakod
Lyrics: Raftaar & Girish Nakod
Label: Zee Music Company
Singer: Raftaar


Shaq Ne Sabko Jakda Hai
Suspicion has grabbed everyone
Sach Ne Sabko Pakda Hai
Truth has caught everyone
Bachna Sabka Mushqil Hai
It’s difficult for anyone to be free
Sabka Sabse Lafda Hai
(As)Everyone is at a conflict with everyone

Hawa Mein Sabko Tune Dikhe
Everyone can see a tune in the air
Seene Pe Nakhoon Dikhe
They see nails striking the heart
Din Mein Sabko Moon Dikhe
Everyone can see the Moon during daytime
Jab Andhe Ko Bhi Khoon Dikhe
When even the blind man sees blood
Andha Bole Maine Dekha, Andhe Ki Na Sun…
The blind man says that he has seen it(blood), don’t heed to that blind man

Baaje Re, Baaje Re, Baaje Re, Baaje Re Andhadhun
It’s(the music is) playing, it’s playing recklessly/indiscriminately 
Baaje Re Andhadhun (x3)
It’s playing recklessly

Iski Qismat Likhni Hai, Jaldi Se Tu Chalk La
I want to write his destiny, get me a chalk quickly
Likh Ke Mita Doonga, Aur Tu Payega Rok Na
I’ll write and then erase it, You won’t be able to stop me
Iska Ab Khoon Choosna Hai, Jaldi Se Jonk La
I want to suck his blood, bring me a straw quickly
System Ka Na Dar Hai, Kyuki System Poora Khokhla
I don’t fear the system, as the whole system is corrupt

Aankhon Pe Patti, Hey!
A blindfold on the eyes
Dhool Or Matti, Hey!
It’s just dust and sand
Koi Na Bhonkega, Maine Daal Di Sabko Haddi, Hey!
No one will bark as I’ve thrown everyone a bone

Room Mein Karlo Khoon
Do murder in the room
Arre Kanoon Ko Kaun Batayega
Who shall tell the police
Kanoon Ke Paas Jo Jayega
The one who goes to the police
Woh Andha Hoke Aayega
That person himself will become blind

Baaje Re Andhadhun (x3)
It’s playing recklessly

Luka Chhipi, Aankh Micholi
Hide and seek, seek and capture
Khel Yeh Aisa Hona Hai
This game is going to be like this
Go Gol Duniya Hai
The whole world is round
Chhipne Ka Na Koi Kona Hai
There isn’t any corner for anyone to hide
Aankh Meech Kar Doodh Piye
Closing the eyes drinking milk
Billi Samjhe Sab Andhe Hain
The cat thinks everyone is blind
Duniya Dekh Ke Hansti Hai
The world looks at this and laughs
Sab Jaane Gande Dhandhe Hain
As everyone knows that all businesses are dirty
Mand Aankh Bandh Munh
Shutting the eyes, sealing Your lips
Kar Kaan Khade Tu Bhi Yeh Sun
Keep Your ears attentive and just listen to this

Baaje Re, Baaje Re, Baaje Re, Baaje Re Andhadhun
It’s playing, it’s playing recklessly
Baaje Re Andhadhun (x3)
It’s playing recklessly

Baaje Re, Baaje Re, Baaje Re, Baaje Re Andhadhun
It’s playing, it’s playing recklessly

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